Most Popular Chinese Universities and Majors for International Students in 2023

The growing number of top universities in China offer popular subjects in the fields of medicine, technology, and arts. These subjects have recently evolved into some of the most-liked ones among students.

List of Chinese Universities Available for Language Students Who Want to Come to China in 2023 Spring

List of Chinese universities for those who wish to come to China to study Chinese in 2023 spring. Welcome language international students to China!

Notice on China to Drop COVID-19 Quarantine for the Incoming Person

China has opened its borders. From January 8, 2023, international students can enter China with a 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate and no quarantine is required.

CUCAS Win The Chance to Apply to Chinese Universities for Free Winner Announced

CUCAS Win the Chance to Apply to Chinese Universities for Free Winner Announced

How to Write a Study Plan for Applying to Chinese Universities

This guide is aimed at helping you navigate and create the best study plan for China.

List of Native Chinese Names and Meanings

Chinese names can be puzzling for those not familiar with the Chinese language and culture. This article will provide you with the native Chinese names and meanings.

How to Get Pre-Acceptance Letters from Chinese Universities for Applying to Chinese Government Scholarships

This article will share how to get pre-acceptance letters from Chinese universities.

Notice on China's Further Adjustment of Entry Policy on November 11, 2022

The latest entry policy for international students: The number of nucleic acids is reduced; the isolation time is shortened.

How to Prepare the Recommendation Letter for Applying to Chinese Universities

A recommendation letter can help your application stand out. Hope this article teaches you how to prepare a recommendation letter.

How to Do Medical/Physical Examination for Applying to Chinese Universities

Physical examination is very important for international students to study in China. Today we are going to share how to get a medical examination for international students.

List of Different Chinese Universities' Policy Regarding International Students' Returning

China's borders will be opened, and international students can enter. We summarize the current entry policies of different Chinese universities for international students.

Win The Chance to Apply to Chinese Universities for Free

Share the guide to studying in China and win the chance to apply to Chinese universities for free!

The Latest Policies of International Students Come Back to China: Many International Students Can Return to China Now

The latest policies for international students: many international students can return to China now. Whether to start arranging for international students to return to China depends on the universities' policy.

Policies of Different Chinese Universities on International Students Returning to China

Recently, the good news comes that some Chinese universities have started to send emails to collect the willingness of international students to return to the Chinese university.

List of Chinese Universities Accept Malaysian Students with SPM Test Results

Which Chinese universities accept Malaysian students with SPM test results? In this article, I will answer for you.

List of Chinese Universities Accept Thailand Students with GED Test Results

In this article, we will share with you the list of Chinese universities that accept Thailand students with GED test results.

14 Things to Know Before Dropping Out of Chinese Universities as International Students

Dropping out of university can be a scary concept for young students. In this article, we've sorted some of the most important questions to help you weigh all of your options.

How to Transfer Universities in China as International Students

Now, if you have some questions about whether international students could transfer to another university in China, I will show you the detailed information about this.

Guide to International Students Documents Notarization/Attestation

In this guide to notarizing and attesting a document in China, you’ll get all the information you need to get a notarization and attestation done.

General Study Tips for International Students in China

This article will give several study tips in a broad but effective way so that anyone can personalize them to their own needs.