List of Native Chinese Names and Meanings

Chinese names can be puzzling for those not familiar with the Chinese language and culture. This article will provide you with the native Chinese names and meanings.

In Chinese culture, name plays an important role in Chinese people's life. Chinese names can be puzzling for those not familiar with the Chinese language and culture. This article will provide you with the native Chinese names and meanings.

Chinese Names: Surname + Given Name

Chinese names consist of a family name and a given name. The family name comes first followed by a given name. Most family names are just one Chinese character. A few have two characters. Most given names have two characters, some have one, and very occasionally three are used.

Top 10 Most Common Chinese Surnames

1.          Lǐ

2.         Wáng

3.         Zhāng

4.          Liú

5.          Chén

6.          Yáng

7.          Zhào

8.          Huáng

9.          Zhōu

10.        Wú


Common Chinese Names and Their Meanings

Chinese names always have meanings and it’s always something good and pleasant. Girls’ names normally have a Chinese name that relates to beauty, flowers, or pureness. Boys’ Chinese names are usually connected with power and bravery.

Almost all Chinese given names are made up of one, two, or three Chinese characters, which are written after the surnames. Two-character given names are by far the most popular for most Chinese.

Chinese Female/Girl Names

1. 云茜 (Yún qiàn) Highlights the girl's elegant and soft temperament

2. 静棠 (Jìng táng) Girls are well-behaved and demure, pity

3. 莹梓 (Yíng zǐ) Highlights the girl's elegance, purity, and softness

4. 诗萌 (Shī méng) Highlight the girl's cuteness

5. 钰筝 (Yù zhēng) Women are literary and artistic, with inner beauty

6. 静雯 (Jìng wén) Very quiet and beautiful

7. 染华 (Rǎn huá)Gorgeous, delicate, a symbol of rich life

8. 能静 (Néng jìng) Smart and capable

9. 燕媛 (Yàn yuán)Exquisite wit, happy life, perfect

11. 颖晨 (Yǐng chén)Great start, smooth sailing

12. 瑶柔 (Yáo róu)Soft-tempered, docile

13. 丽娜 (Lì nà)Beautiful/graceful

14. 若雨 (Ruò yǔ)Like rain, poetic and beautiful

15. 琪涵 (Qí hán)A girl with the connotation of beautiful jade

16. 蕊琪 (Ruǐ qí)Quiet and sweet girl

17. 舒雅 (Shū yǎ)Detached, elegant

18. 诗涵 (Shī hán)Literary and connotative girl

19. 语嫣 (Yǔ yān)Beautiful and bright

20. 梦洁 (Mèng jié)Good-hearted, pure

21. 欣然 (Xīn rán)Happy

22. 嘉年 (Jiā nián)Happiness, beauty, auspiciousness

23. 清可 (Qīng kě)Cute and smart

24. 亦璐 (Yì lù)Evans agile, pure white

25. 婧怡 (Jìng yí)Peaceful and calm

26. 晴柔 (Qíng róu)Bright and cheerful, lively and clever

27. 悦晨 (Yuè chén)Full of joy and smooth sailing

28. 霏霏 (Fēi fēi)Free, open-minded

29. 婉仪 (Wǎn yí)Sleek, thoughtful, and meticulous

30. 怡然 (Yí rán)Joy and bright

Chinese Male/Boy Names

1. 千帆 (Qiān fān) Have lofty ideal goals and unremitting pursuit of motivation

2. 宇禄 (Yǔlù) Continuous wealth

3. 远野 (Yuǎn yě) Growing up healthily

4. 恒辰 (Héng chén) Broad-minded

5. 奕安 (Yì ān) Stable and grand, with great ambitions

6. 泽宏 (Zé hóng) Paradigm vast

7. 嘉豪(Jiā háo)Optimistic and unrestrained, kind and just, can become a respected hero

8. 梓睿 (Zǐ ruì) Wise mind

9. 博文 (Bó wén)Knowledgeable and well informed

11. 一铭 (Yī míng)Dedicated to excellence

12. 俊德 (Jùn dé)Kindness, beauty, benevolence

13. 皓宇 (Hào yǔ)Extraordinary bearing, high ambition, good manners, and demeanor

14. 天乐 (Tiān Lè)Broad-minded, kind, hearty

15. 元凯 (Yuán kǎi)Harmony, success

16. 昊宇 (Hào yǔ)Open-minded, graceful, imposing manner.

17. 智辉 (Zhì huī)Have a brilliant future and wisdom

18. 杰力 (Jié lì)Unrivaled, supreme, knowledgeable

19. 鑫明 (Xīn míng)Confucianism, wisdom, wisdom, foresight

20. 致成 (Zhì chéng)Single-minded, eloquent, full of love

21. 成辉 (Chéng huī)Glory, success, a great achievement

22. 向宇 (Xiàng yǔ)Majestic, personable, gentle, and elegant

23. 浩初 (Hào chū)Have a broad vision and be able to ride the wind and waves all the way to reach the goal

24. 弘毅 (Hóng yì)Able to show lofty aspirations with strong perseverance

25. 沐辰 (Mù chén)Hearty and auspicious

26. 俊瀚 (Jùn hàn)It means that the boy is broad-minded, showing the boy's majestic demeanor and extraordinary bearing

27. 江源 (Jiāng yuán)Vitality, hope, vitality

28. 秉阳 (Bǐng yáng)Strong, fair, and upright traits

29. 思博 (Sī bó)Echoes the masculine image and temperament of boys

30. 君哲 (Jūn zhé)Reflect the elegant and noble qualities of boys


How to Choose Chinese Names for International Students

1. Choose a name that sounds similar to your English name.

For most people, choosing a common Chinese name that sounds similar to your English name is fine. For example, if your name is Johnson, your Chinese name can be 约翰逊 Yuehanxun. using translation software might help to find a good name.

2. Pick a common or popular Chinese name.

It is an easy way to have a nice Chinese name. Check the above common names.

3. Pick some characters you like, or you can write.

Pick the characters that are easy to read and write for yourself.

4. Ask your Chinese friends for advice.

One of the best ways to choose a Chinese name is to ask your Chinese friends’ advice. They will be more familiar with the Chinese characters’ meanings and suitability.


If you plan to study in China, you might as well choose a Chinese name for yourself, which can not only help you quickly integrate into the unfamiliar environment, but also shorten the distance with Chinese classmates. At the same time, you can also share your Chinese name and meaning through Tribe.

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