Statistical Report on International Students in China From 2003 to 2018

Statistics of international students studying in China at the beginning of the 21st century.

Best University in Different China Provinces

The List of Best University in Different China Provinces

Top 10 Chinese Universities with Most International Students

As you know, students from all over the world are distributed in more than 1000 universities in China. Do you know the most popular Chinese universities List and among them which have the largest number of international students?

Overview of Colleges and Universities in China

Introduction to China's Higher Education and University Ranking.

Chinese Universities List of English-Taught MBA Program

Chinese Universities List of English-Taught MBA Program

List of Software Engineering Programs Taught in English Among Chinese Universities

Software Engineering Program always enjoy the great popularity in the teams of international students. At the same time, Chinese universities also attach more importance to the sof...

Study in China - Tribe Novice Learning Plan

Join our “Novice Learning Plan” and complete the Learning Tasks then you will become an expert in the field of studying in China and get a $20 Coupon for Chinese university applications.

Statistical Report on International Students in China for 2018

2018 Study in China Statistical Report

【Chinese Language Studying】Which university in Beijing should you choose, BLCU or BFSU?

As the capital and cultural center of China,Beijing is always a welcomed destination for international students who plan to study Chinese .There are so many top-class schools here...

Beach Lovers: 10 Most Popular Coastal Universities in China

Universities in coastal area always enjoy great popularity among students. Beautiful campus is absolutely one of the reasons why students choose a university. For international stu...

The Most Spectacular Libraries in China

Library is always a symbol of university position and strength as well as university spirit, being the important component of campus culture. Therefore, for international students...

Why to Study Abroad?

Some international students told us after their graduation in China sincerely that study abroad in China was the best experiences and most beautiful memory of their lives that they...

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【Top 39】List of Best Chinese Universities in Project 985

If someone can be admitted by a 985-listed university, then he/she must be talented.

List of Chinese Universities in Project 211

In the eyes of Chinese people, if someone graduated from a 211-Project university, then he/she will attract more attention and preference from employers and others.

Don't Waste Money in These 5 Parts When Applying for China's Universities

If you have a limited budget or want to save some money, you should pay enough attention to these 5 parts which are easy to lead a waste of money during the application process of applying to China’s universities.

Tips for International Students Who Want to Study in China

Top3 Chinese Universities | Suggested Majors | How to Prepare for Application | Common Required Application Materials | University Application Deadlines | Other Tips

【Study in China】- Admission Procedure of Chinese Universities for International Applicants

Based on my years of experience, today, I will show you a comprehensive and complete enrollment procedure of Chinese university for your reference.

【Must-read】Before Applying for Chinese Universities: Methods to Improve the Success Rate of your Application

Six methods to improve the success rate of your application which you must read before applying for Chinese universities - Timeline, Key Points, Plan, Application Documents, Helper, Informations.

Chinese University Application Status: How to Track CSC & Other Program Admission Result and the Meaning of the Common Application Status

I will share some experience in tracking the application results of Chinese universities and explain to you the meaning of the common application status.

Take Chinese Universities' Courses Online: 10 Tips to Study Efficiently During COVID-19 Pandemic as International Students

10 exclusive tips for international students off China to improve online class efficiency during COVID-19 with my own learning experience.