Study in China Overview: Bachelor Degree Programs

In recent years many countries across the world have seen an increasingly strong demand to study in China. In 2010 alone, the number of students from over 180 countries who came to study for a degree and non-degree courses was more than 256,000.

In recent years many countries across the world have seen an increasingly strong demand to study in China. In 2010 alone, the number of students from over 180 countries who came to study for a degree and non-degree courses was more than 256,000. Internationalization is a core component of China’s higher education institutions. To achieve this goal, the majority of Chinese universities offer English-taught bachelor’s programs. All bachelor’s degrees conferred by universities in China are accredited and internationally recognized.


1. Popular Programs

To complete undergraduate studies in China, you have to dedicate 4 to 6 years of comprehensive learning. Courses in the medical field such as the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor of Clinical Medicine are examples of programs that are completed in 6 years.

The academic year starts in the spring semester which starts in March and ends in mid-July and the fall semester which starts in mid-September and ends in January. However, semester dates may vary depending on the length of the summer break and Chinese New Year.

After graduation, the diploma is the same as that obtained by our Chinese students. Students who complete their studies will receive a Bachelor's degree certificate and a university diploma from the People's Republic of China.

The popular undergraduate majors among international students are below:


International Trade/Business

Computer Science

Civil Engineering

Business Administration/Management


Software Engineering

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering


Chinese Language and Literature



Chemical Engineering

Information Technology


2. Tuition Costs

Studying in China is relatively inexpensive when compared with the USA or Britain. Course fees vary with each program, institution, and location, below are the annual tuition fees for the more popular courses.

MBBS: RMB 20000-75000 Per Year

International Trade/Business: RMB 16000-50000 Per Year

Computer Science: RMB 8000-200000 Per Year

Civil Engineering: RMB 8000-200000 Per Year

Business Administration/Management: RMB 18000-200000 Per Year

Pharmacy: RMB 13400-42000 Per Year

Software Engineering: RMB 9000-38000 Per Year

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering: RMB 9000-200000 Per Year

Petroleum Engineering: RMB 15500-25000 Per Year

Electrical and Electronic Engineering: RMB 9000-110000 Per Year

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering: RMB 16000-110000 Per Year

Nursing: RMB 16400-45000 Per Year

Chinese Language and Literature: RMB 9000-39900 Per Year

Law: RMB 10000-49750 Per Year

Dentistry: RMB 16000-50000 Per Year

Chemical Engineering: RMB 9000-110000 Per Year

Information Technology: RMB 9000-33800 Per Year


3. Scholarship Opportunities
With more and more international students studying in China, the Chinese government offers numerous scholarships for international students. China is one of the most generous countries in providing scholarships to foreign students and there are currently over 50,000 international students in China with scholarships
(Study in China for Free: 3 Ways to Get Full Scholarship in China).

CSC Scholarship

CSC which stands for China Scholarship Council is a non-profit institution that offers Chinese Government Scholarship under the Chinese Ministry of Education (List of 279 China Universities Admitting Chinese Government Scholarship Students: Apply for Scholarship in China). It not only provides funds for Chinese to study abroad but also for international students to study in China.

You can apply on the official CSC website. And you can take a look at the application guidance and agency number list of Chinese universities if you want to apply for China Government Scholarships.

Local Government, University Scholarship, or other scholarship

Except for the CSC scholarship which provides a Chinese Government Scholarship, there are also particular Local Government Scholarship (such as Beijing Government Scholarship, and Shanghai Government Scholarship) and University Scholarship (such as Peking University Scholarship).

CUCAS Fu Scholarship Website

Through CUCAS Fu Scholarship Website if you want to apply for university or other scholarships. CUCAS is an experienced team in this industry. And it provides a scholarship application service to guide you through all the application procedures such as choosing a university and program, application documents review, study plan guidance, etc. Check bachelor's degree program scholarships available on CUCAS>>


4. Career Prospects

As China's economy performs well in the world, more and more international students tend to stay in China for employment. For international students with only a bachelor's degree but no work experience, there are still opportunities to work in China. Beijing and Shanghai as the two cities with the largest number of international students and the highest degree of education development in China have created a new situation for international students to find jobs and start businesses in China with the support of national policies.

With the continuous opening of employment and internship channels for international students in China, some regions and universities encourage and promote the employment of outstanding international students in China by holding job fairs, setting up employment guidance centers for international students, and other specific measures, mainly through the following three ways:

l  Overseas Study Service Center, Ministry of Education

l  Zhongguancun "Vine Project"

l  The University of International Business and Economics Employment Guidance Center for International Students

From the Angle of economic development, China's development is very fast, has become the world's second-largest economy, more jobs, so many students want to stay in China's development, from "study in China" to "stay in China.

l  Work in a Chinese-funded company in your home country

l  Work in local Chinese related enterprises in your home country

l  Doing business with China


5. University Recommendation

The Chinese government allocates a significant amount of the national budget to education. In higher education, they host various initiatives to develop their universities and fund important research projects. These directives are the C9 League, the Double First-Class University Plan, Project 211, and many more. Through these, Chinese universities continue to improve and soar high in world university rankings. Six universities are included in the top 100 of the T.H.E. World University Ranking 2021, and several made it to the top 500.

In recent years, China has been an attractive study-abroad destination too. The educational institutions in the country are highly recognized for their outstanding performance in various fields as they produce quality graduates. Here are some of the most popular universities for international students.

Asia Europe Business School, East China Normal University

Southeast University

Nankai University

Wenzhou University

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Northeast Petroleum University

China University of Petroleum - Beijing

Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao

Civil Aviation University of China

China Medical University


Hundreds of thousands of international students move to China each year, with many drawn to the country to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and history, while others enjoy its universities’ many specialisms, with many institutions focusing on one area of study in particular. China’s top institutions include Tsinghua University and Peking University, both in Beijing, its capital, and Fudan University in Shanghai, while examples of elite specialist institutions include China Agricultural University, also in Beijing, and the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, west of Shanghai. China has made big strides to boost the standard of education in the country. With unlimited opportunities, scholarships, an innovative educational system, and a promising student experience, China’s reputation in international education has skyrocketed in the last decade.

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