MBBS 2022 Spring Admission Available? Which Chinese University Have MBBS March Intake Please?

I Just got my Intermediate Examination Result recently and I think it’s late for me to apply for Chinese university MBBS program right? So can anyone share me which school have 2022 March Intake please? Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

Younouss CouliCaly - teacher

Yes, the application deadline for most Chinese universities has passed. I guess your documents haven’t been ready as well so the 2022 application is also suitable for you if you wanna more good choices. Actually, several good universities are still open for 2021 applications such as China Medical University, Chongqing Medical University, Jiangsu University, Xuzhou Medical University, and so on. But if you want to know the MBBS March Intake in 2022, I am gonna explain you in detail.

1. MBBS March Intake: Dalian Medical University MBBS or Pre-medical Course+MBBS

2. MBBS March Intake: Zhengzhou University Pre-medical Course+MBBS

3. MBBS March Intake: Ningxia Medical University Chinese Language Course+MBBS

4. MBBS March Intake: Xuzhou Medical University Pre-medical Course+MBBS


# MBBS March Intake: Zhengzhou University Pre-medical Course+MBBS

Zhengzhou University has a March intake but it’s for pre-medical students. After the one-semester pre-medical course (tuition CNY 10,000) study you will become an MBBS student directly once pass the final examination. Why join the pre-medical course? 

1. As long as you pass the exam, PRIORITY will be given for bachelor courses admission. The final exam is not difficult and 95% of students can pass it as long as they take the class on time.

2. Fewer applicants, fewer competitors. No need to wait for September intake so no waste of your spare time.

3. Lower entry requirements of grades and language proficiency.

4. Grasp necessary knowledge of the Chinese language and major ahead of time.

5. Learn the university and Chinese culture ahead of time, so as to plan your future study ahead of time.


Why choose to study at Zhengzhou University?

The recognized ranking of ZZU among Chinese universities is between 50th and 60th, with the MBBS ranking 19th to 35th. In Henan Province, ZZU is the best university, and the MBBS also belonging to one of the best majors in ZZU. Since 2017, ZZU entered the sequence of National World First-class Universities, and Zhengzhou University is on the list of the National “211 Project” of key construction universities.

# MBBS March Intake: Dalian Medical University MBBS or Pre-medical Course+MBBS

Dalian Medical University enrolls MBBS students and pre-medical students at the same time twice a year (March intake and September intake). The tuition of Dalian Medical University MBBS is CNY 42,000/year, and the tuition for one-semester pre-medical is 15,000yuan.

The education level of foreign students in Dalian Medical University has entered the top 100 universities in China, ranking at the forefront of national medical colleges and universities. It has been rated as the first batch of "National Demonstration Bases for Studying in China", and passed the national education quality certification for studying in China in 2018. The nationalities of students of Dalian Medical University cover 115 countries and regions on five continents.


# MBBS March Intake: Ningxia Medical University Chinese Language Course+MBBS

Application for the March intake Chinese Language course of Ningxia Medical University in 2022 has started last week. This program runs from March to July, which costs CNY 5,000 during the COVID-19 period because of the exemption of accommodation fees. The purpose of this program is to provide international students who want to study MBBS (tuition CNY 29,800/year) or Pharmacy in Ningxia Medical University with the opportunities to study Chinese ahead of time and prepare for future study life in China. International students with a qualified score after the final exam will enter MBBS with a 50% tuition-free scholarship for the first year or pharmacy course in September directly without applying once more. 

Why choose to study at Ningxia Medical University?

NXMU ranks between 38th to 48th in China for MBBS, which is quite good. There are 45 Chinese universities are authorized by the Ministry of Education to open MBBS courses in English and Ningxia Medical University belongs to the list, with 52 teaching practice hospitals. In 2016, their clinical medicine discipline entered the top 1% of ESI in the world. So far, hundreds of foreign students are chasing their medical dreams there.


# MBBS March Intake: Xuzhou Medical University Pre-medical Course+MBBS

MOE-listed, Xuzhou Medical University March intake one-semester pre-medical course cost CNY 12,000, while the MBBS course cost CNY 33,000yuan/year. Xuzhou Medical University has 18 colleges (departments), 21 affiliated hospitals. 

The University attaches great importance to discipline construction and scientific research and has established a number of provincial key disciplines and provincial advantageous discipline groups, of which clinical medicine, pharmacology, and toxicology, neuroscience, and behavior rank among the top 1% of ESI in the world. Xuzhou Medical University has started undergraduate education for foreign students in 2005. At present, its students come from more than 50 countries around the world.


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