How’s Hebei Medical University please?

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Letitia Nicole

Hebei Medical University, was established in 1894, is one of the oldestuniversities in China. In this university there held the first basketball match ofChina, established the first medical journal "Renshen Medicine",edited the first “anatomy of human body system”, took the first implementationof finger replantation surgery in China, and firstly discovered the acute motoraxonal neuropathy in the world. 

The university covers such main subjects asTraditional Chinese Medicine, Clinic Medicine, Public Health Science,Stomatology, Pharmaceutics and Biology. 

Hebei Medical University owns 6 hospitals, 4 of them areprovincial-level ones. And there are more than 4500 sickbeds in them. In addition,there are other 16 secondary hospitals, 60 teaching hospitals and internshipbases, 8 libraries, 8 provincial research institutes and 9 kinds of academicpublications edited and published by the university. Hebei Medical Universityhas a long exchanging history with UK, Japan and others for more than onehundred years. And now it co-operates with dozens of countries. At presentthere are about 400 foreign students study at the university. And theInternational Technology Cooperation Base had already been built in it.

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