How much does it cost to study in China?

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As a person who knows best about studying in China, I will share with you the expenses of studying in China in terms of Tuition, Accommodation Fee, Registration Fee, Book Fee, Visa/Residence Permit Fee, Medical Insurance, Medical Examination Fee, Medical Expenses, Food Bill, Cost of Daily Necessities, Stationery Cost, Clothing Fee, Transportation Expenses, Phone/Network Bill, Entertainment/Travel Expenses, Cost of Documents Notarization/Attestation and so on.

1. Cost to Study in China - Tuition: In China, the tuition fees of different schools and majors vary greatly, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan per year. The tuition fees of popular majors in some famous universities are even as high as more than 100,000 or 200,000 yuan per year. You can choose a suitable university according to your financial ability.

2. Cost to Study in China - Accommodation Fee: The accommodation fees charged by different universities in different cities also vary greatly. Most schools charge between 2000 and 20000 yuan a year. You can choose suitable universities and dormitories according to your budget.


3. Cost to Study in China - Registration Fee: At the beginning of each new semester/academic year, some schools may charge a certain registration fee, while others will not. The registration fee is about 200-500 yuan.

4. Cost to Study in China - Book Fee: The book fees charged by different schools and majors vary greatly, about hundreds to thousands of yuan a year. Some schools require students to buy new books uniformly, while others do not require students to buy books.


5. Cost to Study in China - Visa/Residence Permit Fee: International students must apply for a new residence permit in time before the expiration of their residence permit, which costs about 400 yuan to 1000 yuan each time. You may need to apply for a new residence permit once or twice a year, or you may need to renew it only once a few years, depending on your college and local visa policy.

6. Cost to Study in China - Medical Insurance: International students studying in China for a long time must buy Medical Insurance in China. The most common price is usually 800 or 1000 yuan per year.


7. Cost to Study in China - Medical Examination Fee: After coming to China, most students need to have a new physical examination in the designated hospital where the school is located, and the price is usually less than 1000 yuan.

8. Cost to Study in China - Medical Expenses: If you are hospitalized, your medical expenses will usually be reimbursed by the insurance company, but if you only go to the outpatient clinic without being hospitalized, you may have to pay some small medical expenses yourself. It usually ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan each time.

9. Cost to Study in China - Food Bill: If you cook by yourself or can get used to the meals in the Chinese university canteen, you can eat well with a little money. For example, 1500 yuan per month is enough for meals. If you have high food requirements or often go to restaurants, you can increase your meals budget to 3000 yuan a month.


10. Cost of Daily Necessities: The daily necessities we need usually include tissue, detergents, skin care products, cosmetics, shampoo, shower gel, and other personal cleaning products. In China, 500 a month is enough to buy these things.


11. Cost to Study in China - Stationery Cost: The school supplies we usually need, such as notebooks and pens, are very cheap, and the price can be ignored. But if you want to buy some electronic products, such as laptops, it may cost thousands of yuan.


12. Cost to Study in China - Clothing Fee: Especially for girls, buying new clothes is a pleasant and necessary thing. If an ordinary student buys two sets of ordinary new clothes every season, it may cost about 5000 yuan a year.


13. Cost to Study in China - Transportation Expenses: Air tickets to China range from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. The summer vacation of Chinese universities usually lasts about 2 months, and the winter vacation usually lasts about 1 month. You can choose to stay in China for a vacation or go home according to your needs. In addition, if you usually choose public transportation, 200 yuan per month is enough for the transportation expenses in China. If you are used to taking a taxi or using Didi, you may need 500 yuan per month.

14. Cost to Study in China - Phone/Network Bill: In most cities in China, 200 yuan a month is usually enough to pay your mobile phone bill and Internet bill. If not enough, you can choose to replace your SIM card with a suitable package.


15. Cost to Study in China - Entertainment/Travel Expenses: If you take a long trip every semester and take part in short trips or entertainment activities once a month, you may need to prepare a budget of 10000 yuan per year.

16. Cost of Documents Notarization/Attestation: When you graduate, you may need your transcripts, degree certificates, and other documents to be notarized and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs even the Embassy in China. According to your needs, the cost is about hundreds to thousands of yuan.


The above is the approximate cost of studying in China. If you can apply for a scholarship, your tuition, accommodation, medical insurance, and living expenses may be partially or completely covered. I hope you have learned about the general consumption of studying in China. If you have any questions, you can add my WhatsApp (+8619939724046).

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