I Want know the first stage of this scholarship

I don't know where I start

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1. Chinese Government Scholarship

For No. 2 Chinese University Program, you can apply to university directly. For other programs, you will need to find related organizations such as the Chinese embassy and other organizations in your country to apply.

2. Local Government Scholarship

You will need to submit your application on the official website for the local government scholarship you are applying for, and also you need to submit the application on the university's website.

3. University Scholarship

When applying for a university scholarship, basically you only need to apply for the university. You can submit your application to the university online/offline and the process is usually easier than government scholarships.

You can choose an agency to apply for you, to save some time, but again, no scholarship is guaranteed or vendible.

4. Enterprise Scholarship

Similar to the procedure of a university scholarship.

5. Scholarship for Enrolled Students

Submit documents to the related department of the university.

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