How can I get a scholarship

How can I get a scholarship into a Chinese University, complete.

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2 Answers

Just follow the Chinese consultantance team for proper response

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1) Apply early – the application deadline is open for a limited time only, so you need to apply on time. There are often too many students applying and so it may be hard to get feedback. Apply to multiple universities and scholarships. It is very competitive, so it is better to apply to numerous opportunities.

2) Contacts – Try to get in contact with someone from the university so they can check your application documents are correct. (CUCAS can help you with this)

3) Prepare Documents Carefully – Because there are so many students applying you must prepare all your application documents correctly. If you do not prepare them correctly then your application may not be processed.

4) Learn Chinese

5) Get High Grades and a Good CV

Scholarships are often given to the most academically advanced students, high-achieving, ambitious, and exemplary students with good work experience, high scores, or unique project experience. Focus on keeping your grades up and being an involved student leader to increase your chances.

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