5 How to take the HSK test online during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I want to study in China as an international student and I’m in the process to apply to a Chinese university. I know the HSK certificate is required but the on-site HSK test is not yet resumed in my country during the COVID-19 period. Are there any solutions to take the HSK test? When can I register one? And what are the requirements to take? Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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Sorry to hear you are stuck in such a situation when applying to a university in China during the coronavirus time. I hope my answer can be useful for you.

As you know, the HSK test is launched by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, an institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. You can measure your proficiency in Chinese through a series of sections in listening, comprehension, and writing.

And for your information, you don’t need to take the HSK tests in order. You can jump into HSK level 3 if you have already learned Chinese for some time.

First, I recommend you double-check whether the on-site HSK test won’t be held in your country in 2021 before registering for the online HSK test. You can link to the Chinese test website to search for the information and confirm the news.
If you find no test schedule on the detail page, you can contact the staff for more information by telephone number or address the website left. If it hasn’t arranged, neither the on-site nor the online one, the staff will reply to you in the email. It means that you cannot take the HSK test for now. You have to wait and there is no other way.

For example, the HSK test in Morocco isn’t going to hold until the COVID-19 situation gets better. As the staff responsible to L’Institut Confucius à l’Université Abdelmalek Essaadi in Morocco replied, “We have not started the registration of HSK because of the coro-virus, as soon as we have information, we will publish it on the site. Thank you for your help!”
Then, if there is an online HSK test but not an on-site test, you can refer to this notice posted on the Chinese Test for the additional HSK test (Home Edition) Overseas or simply the online HSK test. As the notice required, you should contact your local test center to register for the test according to the method written above. The website also provides you with a full online test schedule on its page for your convenience. There list the test date, registration date and grade date of the on-site test and online test. Do not misremember the date you need. But the Chinese Test will hold one HSK text every month on averagely. Therefore, don’t panic if you really miss the one this month.

Finally, when registering on this webpage for your test, you should meet the requirements listed by the Chinese Test on this notice. Make sure every requirement satisfied when you take the HSK test 2021 and I highly recommend you to check them all once again the day before the test. These requirements vary from the computer system, network bandwidth, and PC camera to the test environment and test time.

The test result will come out within 2 months after taking the test and remember to check it. Any problem you can always consult with the staff of the Chinese Test.
But if you encounter difficulties when learning Chinese, the following are some other suggestions for you.

If you have any problem with learning Chinese
1、If you want to teach yourself Chinese for the cost or any other reason, you can always count on the Internet with abundant free sources from the beginning to the advanced.

A series of high-quality HSK Standard Course textbook developed by the joint effort from Chinese Testing International (CTI) is available now and every textbook has a corresponding workbook and an audio CD with it for better understanding. But meanwhile, I advise you to search for some teaching video sources to begin, especially about the pronunciation of Chinese that could be as tricky beyond your imagination. For more information, you can check on the online bookstore.

But I need to heed that Chinese is a complicated language that may totally differ from your mother language. So for saving your time and energy, learning Chinese by yourself takes a repeated consideration.

A free online source offered by the Chinese Test is the mock test. You are available to examine yourself before the real test and then decide to take which level of the HSK test. It’s good to test and improve your abilities and put your heart into your belly.

2、If you want a native Chinese teacher from the beginning or want to attend a Chinese program for more exposure to the culture, you can ask for advice from a third-party agency, like CUCAS. As far as I know, CUCAS, cooperating with many universities, offers multiple choices of Chinese language programs. Like the programs of Beijing Language and Culture University, the very university jointly developing the HSK Standard Course, the duration of the programs varies from 4 weeks to 1 year. It is a not-bad idea and I consider it worth the tuition fee.

So, hope my advice is useful to you. And wish you good luck in the HSK test and application to the universities in China. Take care of yourself during this hard time.

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