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My colleagues and boss are Chinese, so we communicate in Chinese. If you want to work with Chinese people, you'd better be good at it.

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There are some tips to answer this question.  What the university interview wants to hear are the following: #1 – You will dedicate your time at university to quality study, learning and development. #2 – You will positively contribute to the campus. #

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Shanghai is a huge city which is very modern and western. I was surprised when I first came here that there are so many people from worldwide. It's really interesting to know everyone, and I gained so many insights every day from contact with so many peopl

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Studying Medicine in China is cheaper!

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With student ID, students can go to university library. Student classrooms are open for all students. As long as the classrooms are not for any class, foreign students can study there.

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Applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen and have a high school diploma.