Foreigner Physical Examination Form Download & Guidance: Chinese University Application Definitive Sample & Filling Standard

I will give you a comprehensive explanation in this article on how to do a perfect Physical Examination according to the requirements from the Chinese university.

【Study in China】- Admission Procedure of Chinese Universities for International Applicants

Based on my years of experience, today, I will show you a comprehensive and complete enrollment procedure of Chinese university for your reference.

When Can International Students Return to China: Analysis from the Latest COVID-19 Situation in China and the Speech from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This article will show you the return situation faced by international students in an all-round way and predict the return time, hoping to be useful to you!

Chinese University Application Status: How to Track CSC & Other Program Admission Result and the Meaning of the Common Application Status

I will share some experience in tracking the application results of Chinese universities and explain to you the meaning of the common application status.

List of Software Engineering Programs Taught in English Among Chinese Universities

Software Engineering Program always enjoy the great popularity in the teams of international students. At the same time, Chinese universities also attach more importance to the sof...

When and how to start your preparation for Chinese study in 2022 ?

For a foreign student wanting to enter a university in China ,it’s very important to make a schedule listing all the things to do and the deadline of them.Normally,schools in China...

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【4 Tips】How to speak Chinese fluently ?

Here are four useful tips for Chinese learners to become a fluent Chinese speaker.   1.Immerse in the Chinese If you have ever made your decision to learn Chinese well,promise y...

Take Chinese Universities' Courses Online: 10 Tips to Study Efficiently During COVID-19 Pandemic as International Students

10 exclusive tips for international students off China to improve online class efficiency during COVID-19 with my own learning experience.

【Must-read】Before Applying for Chinese Universities: Methods to Improve the Success Rate of your Application

Six methods to improve the success rate of your application which you must read before applying for Chinese universities - Timeline, Key Points, Plan, Application Documents, Helper, Informations.

How to Carry the Daily Protection During the Pandemic?

Since December 2019, cases of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus infection have appeared in Wuhan, as of today, the situation of epidemic control is still severe, all parts of...

Why Do Internship in China?

The benefit of internship in China Come to China to finish your internship and learning some Chinese, making some contacts that may be useful in the future and making an wonderful...

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Master Program List of Oncology Among Chinese Universities

Oncology, with the people’s attention to health and other factors, increasingly arouse more and more international students to set foot in this field. Chinese universities open mas...

Acceptance Letter From Chinese Supervisor - International Students Can Get It in 4 Steps!

The 4 steps to obtain an acceptance letter from supervisor, along with the sample of email to Professor and samples of acceptance letter.

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6 Recommendation Letter Samples for Graduate Applicants - Standard Documents to Study in China

What do a standard and qualified letter of recommendation look like?

Why to Study Abroad?

Some international students told us after their graduation in China sincerely that study abroad in China was the best experiences and most beautiful memory of their lives that they...

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【Study Plan for Chinese University Application】Guidance From Real Chinese: How Do Undergraduate Applicants Write It Well?

If you are applying for Chinese Universities’ bachelor courses, and want to write a good Study Plan/Personal Statement, then keep reading and you will know how to do it well within 5 minutes.

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5 Tips to Learn Chinese Fast

It's never easy to learn a new language, all you need to do is keep trying. Here I am gonna shares 5 tips to help you learn Chinese fast.

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Top 4 Chinese Souvenirs Worth Buying

You can travel anywhere in the world, there will be always something that you must do: buying some souvenirs for relatives, friends and of course for yourself too. If you travel in...

【3 Tips】How to Get Internship in China?

Internship is a good chance to exercise students’ theory knowledge which learned in university. As for many students, they long for make full use of this internship opportunities t...